LISTEN: Recovery, mindset, and training professional athletes with Tampa Bay Lightning strength and conditioning coach Mark Lambert Listen to Mark Lambert talk about his unique and intricate approach to coaching professional athletes and how the dynamics of the work and the players influence his approach on the Muscle Intelligence Podcast. By: Ben Pakulski Read More
The importance of an effective warm-up in preventing injuries and increasing performance Apart from the fact that good strength training programs and proprioception exercises limit the risk of injuries in sports, the importance of a good warm-up before a game is primordial to increase performance and prevent injuries. By: Sébastien Lagrange, M. Sc. Read More
WATCH: Mark Lambert - Strength Coach for the Tampa Bay Lightning of the NHL Mark Lambert's path to strength and conditioning, the Tampa Bay Lightning, and Axxeleration Performance Centers began when he experienced for himself the value of intelligent strength training. By: elitefts staff Read More
Generation Z After discussing of the 2016 NHL combine results in Buffalo with Mark Lambert, strength & conditioning coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning, it is clear that things have to change. According to him, the overly precipitated specialization is the main consequence of the weaker off-ice results which have been seen in the past few years. By: Sébastien Lagrange, M. Sc. Read More
The Importance of In-Season Training The popularity of strength training during the off-season increases every year among hockey players. The weight room becomes the priority for every young player to increase their performance and get ready for the next season. By: Sébastien Lagrange, M. Sc. Read More
The Core It seems every month buzzwords or expressions are heard at the gym. By: Mark Lambert, M. Sc. Read More
The X-Factor You read about John in the sports section. You watch his games. You feel you know him. By: Mark Lambert, M. Sc. Read More
Plyometrics There is only one thing on an athlete's mind, to be the best. There is only one way to be the best, improve performance. By: Mark Lambert, M. Sc. Read More
Tools vs. Toys Almost every month a new accessory comes out on the market and finds its way to the gym. By: Mark Lambert, M. Sc. Read More
Does Size Really Matter? The age-old question men have been trying to answer for centuries Is strength dependent on muscle size? By: Mark Lambert, M. Sc. Read More
The Next Big One Soccer is hands down the most popular sport in the world but is also becoming one of our favourites in North America. By: Mark Lambert, M. Sc. Read More
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