Research has shown that maximum strength offers the greatest contribution to athletic performance. Our philosophy is built on the following basic equations.

power force and velocity

Mass and acceleration are key ingredients for generating the greatest force. On the other hand, power is achieved through the successful combination of force and velocity. We use the above formulas in our day-to-day training to maximize strength and speed in order to build power, and in turn, improve performance.

At Axxeleration, we also believe in the physiology of plyometric training. Mark Lambert, Head Strength Coach at Axxeleration was one of the first strength coaches to associate plyometric training to hockey. His Master's degree research led him to study the benefits of plyometric training in the skating speeds of hockey players. He also wrote his thesis on the subject. It is due to Lambert’s experience and training that the Axxeleration team has been able to apply this method to training their athletes and day-to-day clients.

Plyometric training has proven to be one of the most effective methods for improving muscular power. It has been around for over half a century, especially in Eastern Europe. Since making its way to North America in the 1970s, plyometric training only became popular in the 1990s, so popular that it became the core training method for many athletes and strength coaches.

Plyometric training is designed to produce fast and powerful movements in a short amount of time. This will improve the functions of the nervous system, and in turn improve the athlete’s performance in sports. Plyometric movements require the muscle to be stretched and contracted in rapid sequences. This forces the athlete to use the strength and elasticity, as well as the innervations of muscles and surrounding tissues in order to develop their athleticism. By following this method, the athlete can then jump higher, run faster, throw further, or hit harder, depending on the desired training goals.

Although plyometric training is very beneficial, it requires a specific strength base and very good body control. Plyometrics must be carefully planned and must only be used during specific periods throughout the training calendar to yield positive effects.

The Axxeleration team has had experience in applying this method successfully. We will assist the athlete to achieve maximum strength, speed of contraction and elasticity of muscles.

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