The Axxeleration team provides training for all levels. Whether you choose to train privately or in a group, your exercises will be tailored to your desired purpose. We train all year round, in-season and off-season, coaching you to gain more power and strength from one season to the next. Axxeleration believes that through focus and dedication you will be able to reach new limits and discover new potentials with every challenge you may have to overcome.

Our services

1 hour private training session - $125 CAD, or the following packages.

Axxeleration Membership Online Coaching
$924.99 CAD/month $249.99 CAD/month
Access to the Vitruviant software Access to the Vitruviant software
1 training program 1 training program
12 private training sessions 30-minute Skype session
Peri & post workout nutrition
Nutritional consultation Click here to purchase the service.
10% discount on our other services
Click here to purchase the service.
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